Planning & Building Regulation

Planning Permission

Planning permission is usually required for most forms of building development. There are certain proposals that do not require formal planning application such as:

a) Small extensions
b) Loft conversion

We will be able to advise you of appropriate planning or building regulation process during our initial consultation. If you live in conservation area, a national park or in listed building you will need to apply for planning permission. Should your project require planning permission a householder or full planning application needs to be submitted to your local planning authority. The form needs to be attached with existing and proposed architectural drawings of the proposed extension or alteration, ordinance survey map of your property and surrounding areas along with council fee of £172.00.

Decision is made within 8 weeks.

Building Regulation

The building regulation process is separate from planning application you must submit full building regulation application which is set of building codes standards which encompasses structure, fire safety, sound and thermal insulation, ventilation, drainage, pipes, access for disabled, staircases and glazing.

Building control surveyors will examine the plans to guarantee that they comply with building regulation and when work is commenced on site you must notify the council. At various stages throughout the project site inspection will be carried out to ensure work is completed to approved building regulation plans.